About us 

Nio Farr, which translates to “we are together” in Wolof, is an advisory service agency that operates on a consultation basis. Our goal is to help young entrepreneurs scale up their market reach by providing services such as: consultations, market analysis, social media management, logo design, and flyer design. Essentially, we provide market intelligence and assist in developing a marketing strategy for sustainable business growth. 


Technology and social media are enablers. If a young, African entrepreneur wants to make its product and brand visible, it will need to invest in access to markets and be counted economically. For this reason, we our innovative approach and marketing knowledge will help young entrepreneurs on the continent, leapfrog their businesses and ultimately significantly contribute to the sustainable economic development of Africa. We believe that African countries will develop their entrepreneurship by tapping into the rich cultures, creativity, and intellectual capacities that lie within the youth, also referred to as the demographic dividend.

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