The Use of Social Media Marketing

Updated: Apr 23

Over the last few decades, social media has played a major role in connecting people across the globe. With around 45% of the world’s population being socially connected, it is no surprise that brands have begun to understand that social media is a key factor in business operations ; It has become imperative when building a brand in this day and age, as well as the significant impact it can have on the image of a brand. 

Social media marketing is  defined by the use of social media platforms to connect with your consumers and build your brand. This is one of the most revolutionary forms of marketing, as it has facilitated dialogue between consumers and companies. This type of marketing has also helped companies respect brand promise, which essentially, is a value or experience a company’s customer can expect to receive every time an interaction is made with that company. 

Over the past couple of years we have seen a rise in the use of the internet in Africa, currently there are roughly 525 million users which account for almost half of the continent. Businesses can use this tool to their advantage and create stronger relationships with their targeted audiences. If used correctly they can ameliorate brand awareness, and increase their customer base. Yet the most useful way to operate with Social media is to use it for insights. Recently Businesses have begun to use Social media analytics, which is the process of gathering and analyzing data from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. As a result they have managed to provide detailed quantitative analyses of communication flows between consumers as well as detailed demographics such as gender, age, and location of where your traffic is coming from. This enables businesses to gain insight and understand consumer needs.

By : Amadou Djamil Fall


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